19 September 2009

Sustain What?

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Dahl og Uhre arkitekter said...

Sustain what
Here we also refer back to our discussion on your text On Architecture as a philosophical contribution to sustainability, in your earlier blog post.
At BAS we had an interesting discussion on how “to be detached from effects” (your phrase) originating from your Kisho Kurokawa readings. You end your text with a possible research on if there is another dimension in Malmö related to any existence/non-existence of “atomic power stations”. The last we discussed as a metaphor for not seeing, observing and acting on seriously problematic situations. You said you where exhausted after writing this text. We can imagine that, it’s a challenging one having in mind Kurokawas title of his book “Shaking foundations….etc.
With the comprehensive research of the IPCC, with the satellite images at every moment describing effects of climate change, with series of researchers and public voices giving input to a possible new cartography of sustainability – why does this detachment continue. Or is it a new alertness that we introduced in our welcome text “Every schoolboy knows”?
We like your diagrams of consequenses. Sun=Good in a way shows how “far” we have come on photovoltaic cells. Your foresting forecasting of Malmö goes green is pedagogical disturbing, but may shake some foundations. Abandon the ship opens for experimental fields of a type not seen before, introducing nomadic city systems.
Peter Sylwan, our guest in the mosaic that you will meet at Alnarp said this in his text in Mosaïc::Region:
E-DENs Lustgård Tur-Retur:
”Det som saknas i den visionen är inte brist på naturens egna resurser. Solinstrålningen på en bråkdel av mosaikregionens mark motsvarar hela regionens energibehov. Och en välvuxen skog på bra mark producerar mer biomassa än den mest produktiva åkermark. Det som saknas i den här visionen är kunskap. Kunskap och teknik för odling och landskapsvård som inte finns idag – men som kan finnas där om 30 år om vi bestämmer oss idag för hur vi vill leva 2040”.

Your dramatical diagrams on a large geographical scale have imbedded information on a larger timescale that opens for some systems of informational exchange worthy of exploring, to keep with Bateson. Don’t be afraid on testing out more diagrams of the shaking foundations type.