19 September 2009

::: Gesamtkunstwerk Malmö :::

R. Wagner introduced the term Gesamtkunstwerk as a performance that combines types of art. My interpretation of the term regards Malmö as a Gesamtkunstwerk. The startingpoint is a whole (holistic) that contain complex layers of meaning (pieces) and the task is to find qualities, partly, so it again can represent a even stronger and meaningful whole. There is no limitations of amount parts a Gesamtkunstwerk can contain. As I have mentioned before, parkour/free running is not a qualified element in itself and it appear as a response to the direction of society, so therefore I call it a symptom rather than a clear piece in the Gesamtkunstwerk. Robertos awareness of microcosmos and  "signs" for understaning complexity of Malmö - is a approach that I mean is necessary to identify and understand Malmö as a Gesamtkunstwerk.

This will actually contain everything. The task is then about ceeping the right focus (glases). The gameboard Malmö has surfaces of different qualities. A drama emerge out of the gameboard and the interaction of lifeforms creates a whole. What is the components and what is the compound of the drama? What is the forces? To find out, I have to navigate in this forrest (Malmö as a rhisome) and make choices (Umberto Eco, Six Walks in the Fictional Woods). I have to find the "imbedded" pieces of the Gesamtkunstwerk - what makes Malmö to Malmö?

Malmö is clear defined from its surroundings. The components have connections with other programs, the transitions will hopefully give some answers.


Analyzing a component (a area of questions, answers, data (1, 0), diversity (/, x, + and -) and movement across boundaries.

My interpretation of Malmö will be affected by my walk. The walk will discover crossconnections and maybe a impressions of what ingredient(s) that makes Malmö to Malmö.


Dahl og Uhre arkitekter said...

On making choices, if you see Malmö as a continuos Work (of Art) in Progress.
We opened one of our projects in 1994 with this phrase from Six Walks in the Fictional Woods:
”There are two ways of walking through a wood. The first is to try one or several routes (so as to get out of the wood as fast as possible, say, or to reach the house of grandmother, Tom Thumb, or Hansel and Gretel); the second is to walk so as to discover what the wood is like and to find out why some paths are accessible and others are not …
(Umberto Eco; The Charles Eliot Norton lectures).

We had an interesting discussion at BAS on your chosen path, so we look forward to your promised sketch(es) to be posted very soon, as you say.

Dahl og Uhre arkitekter said...

Malmö sketches
Interesting tentative sketches you send out. Your discovery in stalking Malmö can possibly be seen under the heading “a pattern that connects” (a Bateson interpretation on our behalf). The criss-crossing paths in our Nordhavnen concept as part of the six strategies in the structure plan was named a pattern that connects with the ability to discover possibilities in the different biotopes and the whole concept of edge dynamics. In our discussion with Christer Larsson on Friday morning we discussed possible patterns and paths that could connect the cultural potential of the migrant
in a new way to the Malmö mosaic. If you look up Christer Larssons answer to our second question you will find that the whole new transport system (trams, metro, bicycle, train etc) in an optimistic reading, have such a connecting possibility inherent in itself.