25 January 2010

City as Biotope - the book!

We are very happy to present the book - fresh from printing and vernissage in Bergen!

You can order it from us by mailing firmapost@70n.no or buy it from BAS by contacting line@bergenarkitektskole.no for 200,-. It is also possible to download as low res pdf here: City as Biotope PDF (44,5M).

Thanks to all the students and contributors!


22 January 2010

happy expo

Happy students and teachers at the master studio expo at BAS. Learn more about the three studios: Architect in a foreign culture, Eco Urbanism and our City as Biotope.

15 January 2010

Exhibition soon!

The students' work will be exhibited at BAS from Friday January 22. The presentation of the City as biotope studio will take place the opening day at 9.00-10.30 and the book will be for sale!

A reminder to all the students to prepare their boards according to instructions you've all received by e-mail.

13 January 2010

A happy day for DAV

Apparently, our project A Sunny Day at Fredriksberg has finally been published at Google Maps and Google Earth. You can find one pic on Google Maps, and when clicking the author (in the right lower corner) you will find all of our pictures. Then, you can again click on "show in Google Maps" or "Google Earth" and finally, all pictures will appear.

03 January 2010

the book

Happy new 2010!
We're now preparing the book and all the students have received an e-mail with some info and instructions - if you haven't please contact me. The deadline for your contributions is January 10.

16 December 2009

The power of people connecting

Biotop City
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The Secret Life of Möllevången


Do Möllevången Attractive !

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A walk in the park

A Walk in the Park

Urban Upgrade

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Malmö Bicycle Plan 2009---2019

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growing green veins

Transforming the streetscape of Malmø into delightful travel...


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cognizance - having knowledge of

Harvesting wasteland

Leaking Park

Landscape tactics.

Inverted map

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Input Output/4000 inhabitants at Fosie Industriby

Why not have the same active attitude towards the sea that we have to the green lungs of the city

Water city