04 October 2009

Excercise in densification

Johan Emanuelson presented some ideas and strategies on the future of Malmö in his speech at Alnarp on 24th September. He stated that Malmö expects a growth of 100 000 inhabitants in the next 30 years. In a sketch for Rosengård, the area was densified by 400% up to an urban quarter structure.

I will take the key figures on this growth prognosis and project them on sites in Malmö as an excercise to see what could be done in order to maintain or gain elasticity in different urban contexts when substantial growth takes place. In comparison, I'll make some of the scenarios with figures outside the prognosis as well, declining or increasing.


Miia-Liina said...

I don't know why this slideshow is behaving like this now, it's never happened before. I tried to fix the html but without results. Tips, anyone?

laura said...

slett slideshow og prøve å laste det opp på nytt og så publisere det på nytt?