03 October 2009

Elasticity of city public space in the Centrum of Malmö

The public open space is very important for people who live in the city. The quality of each public open space varies from different area.

I intend to work in the Centrum of Malmö because both old and renewed areas exist in this region. The “Västra Hamnen” shows the most modern expression of Malmö, but the “Möllevången” is an old and multicultural area in Malmö.

According to my personal observation, inhabitants have different flexibility in dealing with diverse environment. Besides, my assumption is that, “The public open space in the old area has more diverse elasticity than that in renewed area”.

I try to map a route which I walked in the study trip from “Västra Hamnen” to “Möllevången” and then point out the elasticity of different public open space.

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