10 September 2009

Malmö voices

Yesterday Kjerstin and I was eagerly present in a large auditorium at The Polar Institute, with researchers, planners and politicians discussing Tromsø as The Knowledge City. Eva Engquist, Prorector at The Malmö Høgskola appeared on a television screen in front of the crowd.
This gave us the opportunity to discuss Malmö experiences in a kind of bird on the wire fashion, if we keep in the terminology of your latest posts on the blog – we discussed with a televison set.
Eva Engquist summoned up in this way: Malmö is representative of a half-big European city, as a study object Malmö is interesting in a larger European perspective , then different from the Scandiniavian cities as we know them, in our interpretation. We think this is a statement that has an undertext that can be really interesting to explore.
Ps we are diving into your posts on the blog.

Kjerstin and Knut Eirik

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