16 November 2009

The walk as a method and an artistic practice: A DAV workshop with Publik

By Zlatan Ðikić / Mo, Kuo-Chen / Roberto Ovalle / Teng, Miao

Site: Rosengård, Malmö

We arrived in Rosengård in mid September. We heard it’s a sketchy place where no one should go at night, where there are bombs and guns… in short, “a failed experiment in multiculturalism”

(as stated in http://www.cbn.com/CBNnews/556299.aspx).

One cloudy morning, we decided to meet in Rosengård. Mo, Teng and Roberto were staying about 2km away from the center of Rosengård, so we decided to walk and approach the place on foot. Four or five hours later, we left Rosengård.

This DAV project intends to show what we found to be the great potential of visiting and walking in Rosengård: the possible outcome of the mixture of Swedish culture and the cultures of the many immigrants.

We want to show what could be an original Rosengård experience.

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