16 November 2009

#6 / vulnerability

Architecture and planning interacts with a wide range of disciplines. As an architect you need to get an overlook, an understanding of the dynamics in fields far outside our own discipline. How to get there? We already, by keeping updated on the news, know too much about climate change, injustice, financial crisis, poverty and wars to be touched by it. Only rarely something floats up, an image, a story, and moves us. We know too much and it does not exist. But in the undercurrent of this flow of information it is possible to find people, experts on their field, researchers, humanitarian workers and artists that lend their eyes and voice to for us invisible people. You have all done discoveries on the web, and we have shared with you our findings through the tests we have introduced. These observations and findings can bring the dynamics of wast theoretical fields and actions within range, opening up for a possible cartography of vulnerability – a discovery.

PDF vulnerability

You will get an introduction on the theme vulnerability at 09.00 Wednesday november 18, in lille auditorium. We will have supervision both days. There will not be a new assignment, the theme is introduced to inform and evaluate your projects. I am looking forward to see you all!

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