19 September 2009

Energetic Malmö

Renewable solar energy

Malmö is the city with the largest area of PV and solar thermal installations in Sweden. More than 4000 m2 of solar thermal collectors and 2500 m2 of PV have been installed so far in schools, museum, hospitals, in-dustrial buildings etc. The largest and most spectacular PV plant in Scandinavia was installed in July 2007 in Sege Park in the City of Malmö.

It's wholly combine the solar technology with architectural design, and therefore shape a creative new urban style.

By a great quantity of using solar energy, the design concept of architecture will be changed. Besides, some parts of the public facilities need to be improved to collect the solar energy. Because of the high technology, the Malmö’s style and features will have some difference.

I would like to walk in Malmö and see what are changed, and how these solar technological products are put together in the city. Then maybe I can find some imbedded information out to know the differences between Malmö and other cities.

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Dahl og Uhre arkitekter said...

If we can look at Malmö as a leading agent when it comes to exploring solar energy (which we don’t know yet), we will assume that they have some explorations along the whole known aspects of renewable energy. It could be an interesting path to follow to find this rhizome of experiments from the smallest initiative to the city at large. The United Nations Climate Conference is in Copenhagen in December (COP15). Malmö’s political and planning stakeholders are orientated towards this global summit, and they are surely eager to present the advantages of Malmö at this event. This means that the scope of what Malmö is initiating in the field of renewable energy should be detectable. Have a look at Mathias cartography, or diagrams, related to this.