19 September 2009

Car city

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Dahl og Uhre arkitekter said...

Very clear diagrams. This is information you can read directly out of the areal view. But is there a strategy behind what you can see? What kind of discussions can you find about Västra Hamnen in the local press? VH has been in the searchlight for Malmös urban development for a long time, so there exists a world of ideas “out there”. What kind of plans does already exist in this area? There is a lot of information to be found on the web. The sea, the background is not a blue hinterland anymore. Adding to your observations on land you can do a smart cartography of the seascape and the sea bottom, its quality and potential.
Adding to this information you may find information for the joint Malmö-Copenhagen strategies on harbour activities. In other words: there are layers of different cartographies that can inform each other here, and is in need of an observant eye and mind.
In Our Nordhavnen concept we introduced the notion Points of Departure (PODs). There is at any given moment time interesting and possible formative features and lifeforms (in VH) which you can discover and which can inform your next step.