19 September 2009

Hyperpower Rosengård

I found this concept during my investigations.

Much of the delight of a place lies in how one gets to it:

Explaining my headline

Hyperpower is a state that is militarily, economically and technologically dominant on the world stage (wikipedia). It make me see the Rosengård as popular "culture" with different social opportunities.

Revolution is Evolution
adding new vocabulary

1st. Useful information is required to create new access towards Rosengårds progressive environment. Dramatic ideeas will intensify diversity.
2nd Having sad that it is important to say this: incorporate all kinds of INPUT – looking forward to an interesting future. This can create interesting scenes without saying NO to everything and focus on agenda and to inbrave more dynamic and happening place.

Can we see the city areas as product of existing situation?
What´s the scale of the independent action?

My focus goes to Rosengårds qualities and consequences within. Almoust 12% of Sweeden´s nine million people were born abroad_high percentage compared with other countries in Western Europe. Rosengård area, the city area where many new arrivals go first.

How to do the ”imposible action” of showing everyone, without excluding?
Can we create “adventure playgrounds” for all?

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Dahl og Uhre arkitekter said...

Includeness is a strange bird. You introduce the phrase Rosengårds progressive environment in your text. Here lies an attitude with potential. If we add your vocabulary from your post Intelligent Imigration (see our comment) to your notions here, like hyperpower it will be usefull for you to do a rhizome cartography of your own vocabulary on your path to impossible actions without excluding.

It might also be useful for you to land your space bird and search for keys to the community you want to study. What do you arrive to, landing there? How do people meet? How are the civic spaces organised and used? What kind of action is needed to create social sustainability in the Community?

You probably noticed Frédéric Druot, Anne Lacaton & Jean-Philippe Vassal’s transformation of the Tour Bois le Prêtre building at the Lousiana exhibition. Here they enter a residential area from the sixties, comparable to the Swedish Million Program Projects, and upgrades a block and the green spaces to contemporary standards. Lacaton & Vassals PLUS-concept focuses on improving existing buildings in all aspects on the basis of the site's inherent qualities. The project is also presented at Lacaton & Vassals homepage. http://www.lacatonvassal.com/index.php?idp=56
We will also visit some of their projects in Paris.

When we was returning home from Bergen last week, the most peculiar story was displayed on the digital news display at Gardermoen airport: “The director of Acta recieved a package containing live cockroaches home to his villa in Taby, north of Stockholm. With the package came a clear message: "Get directly started with renovation work on the apartments in Rosengård in Malmö”. At home googeling the story we found this article: http://e24.no/boers-og-finans/article3272574.ece