27 November 2009

What I have discovered

My hypothesis is that by introducing programs to educte and advocate for a garden revolution in Rosengård it will be possible to deal with the problem of parallell societies, domestic temporality and the identity of education -all of them key issues that I discovered through reading the novel of Mustafa Can in #2 Imbedded Information.

The knowledge and need for food production is a universal concept and therefore well suitable for the situation in Rosengård which has been mentioned as dispersed and diverse.

Knowledge about gardening and food production is one of many hidden competences who has traveled a long way to Rosengård. According to the discussion of today and to my point of departure a revelation of this rhizom of knowledges could be something that Rosengård could take advantage of to stand out as something different in a positive way.

I have many desires for Rosengård, and I believe that facilitating a garden program with suitable programs and their physical manifestation will introduce an energy dealing with many of these.

When I presented the task "Pionts of Departure" after returning from Paris I was on a track where exchange of knowledge -the hidden competences, and facilitating a structure fore that to happen was the main concern.

After the two weeks with crosscourse and DAV I realized that there was much potential left to discover in the forestgardening of Rosengård.

My attitude towards the project at this moment is to pursue the consequences of making Rosengård the starting point of a new Garden Movement.

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