27 November 2009

charging the landscape

My investigation is in the boarderline between Møllevången and Rosengård. The distance between Møllevångstorget and the center of Rosengård is only 2000 meters but it might as well be two different cities. The two areas have significally different appearences in all the statics, while the first is a striving multicultural and thriving place one wants to be a part of, the latter is a desolated island full of unused potential.
The areas are seperated from each other by the railroad track cutting through the landscape and the industrialarea of Sofielund.
This area is a mysterious wonderlandscape, a place for secret meetings, industrial production and it may contain the last traces of Malmøs darkside, an unregulated place for all types of business. Im analyzing the areas and trying to find a interconection for these neglected areas, a way to open up these areas and let them become a part of the city in theyre own way.

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