28 October 2009

Rethink the meaning of “density” in Malmö

Rethink the meaning of “density” in Malmö

After the trip of Paris, I find I have been in a close logic. Density of bicycle system is not only meaning how much bikes could be hold, but maybe how many actions could happen in this system. Comparing with the diversity in Paris’s metro, I will rethink the potential of Malmö’s bicycle system.

Density could be present in two aspects
1. Density of statistics ( density of bikes’ amount & density of using times)
2. Density of space quality, culture and actions.

On the other hand, the rising of density is not always problem, but maybe a chance to raise the quality in culture & action’s layer.
The bicycle system takes a lot of city space, so there is not more space to extend it. But at the same time, it shows possibility to increase the density on two aspects (density of using time& density of actions).
The bicycle system in Malmö may be developed to be a diversity space ecosystem which could offer more opportunities for different other actions when the density of using is rising at the same time.

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