25 October 2009

#5 / points of departure

The term Points of Departure used as a planning tool is an invention made by 70°N/D&U for the competition entry Excentral Park - Edge Dynamics, in the Nordhavnen competition, Copenhagen 2008/-9 - (though used by others with partly different meaning; - e.g. Henry Lefèbvre in Urban Revolution, as a theoretical starting point for analyzing urban conditions; taking real life as the point of departure, (Lefèbvre, Critique of Everyday Life, Volume One)).

The intention of the PoD is to confront the recent processes and ideas on urban planning and the strong belief in making long-term and rigid images of urban development structures. It is an attempt to define urban planning as something more than urban design. By creating and defining the Points of Departure we are investigating and looking for entries to a process and a project that contains a sort of otherness, -but which are strongly connected to the situation and the landscape. The PoDs could represent an open attitude to the imbedded information there is, and lift the importance of weak voices and small cultures.

PDF - Points of Departure

Reminder: put a parisian comparison + your point of departure on the blog before Thursday!

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