12 October 2009

#4 / dynamics of small cultures + review #3

KE is looking forward to see you all at the review on asignment #3 elasticity at 09.00 Wendesday October 14, in lille auditorium, continuing Thursday. (Please post the assignments at Thuesday)

Dynamics of small cultures is the next theme for the studio. Knut Eirik will give a short introduction to the theme and present the fourth assignment: What informs your project at 12.00 Thursday October 15, in lille auditorium.

PDF dynamics of small cultures (nb! two pages)

The dynamics of small cultures introduces an awareness both related to expertise, unknown voices and voices usually unheard of. The interior of this notion demands a new type of observation and definitely it demands a vibrant cartography, or a (personal) rhizomatic library, leading up to the notion what informs your project. The asignment 4 also contains the journey to Paris and possible comparative studies on Malmö and Paris. Up to the 5th asignment, Points of Departure, after Paris, we want you to charge the aspects that are important in your Malmö City Reader and address how they will inform your project and your next step.


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