12 November 2009

A Sunny Day at Fredriksberg

The project Sunny Day at Fredriksberg is the result of the workshop with the artist group Publik from Copenhagen.

We have chosen to present our project in the interlinked medias Google Maps and Wikipedia. This way, our project both exists, is documented and archived at the same time, and is open for response from anyone coming across it. It is public in essence.

Through a series of evocative actions, we examine the hidden qualitative layers of the traffic junction in Fredriksberg, Malmö. The mono-programmatic appearance of the site is questioned by occupying it with everyday activity unfamiliar to it. The actions, documented in photos and film, form a loose narrative of a day trip to the site and are to be found in Google maps and Youtube.  

The material will appear in Google maps in a few days time due to a delay in the system. We will then remind you to browse the photos there. 

Here is a link to the article in Wikipedia:


Miia-Liina Tommila, Tone Berge, Mathias Kempton and Kristian Bekkenes.

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