28 November 2009

Sewing the network....


Working with RG as a place
where East meets West, and space in between is seen like a
danger zone after 6p.m. something tells you about the location.
There are many spatial and social voids in RG which can
bee seen as a potentional to create a new story as planner
or architect. But how much space do you need to show
your identity? Restourantes, pubs, garffiti walls, skate
boarders and youth activities are not visible on streets of RG...

So the vulnerability can be aspace, spatial zone, an area
where one or more are having a sense of belonging.
It can be a wall or a roof to stand under.

Is all promotion good promotion?

There is media created branding of RG
showing negative associations attached to the places like
RG. So all PR may not be good PR. In that case my
methode is to ask following question; if dominant
phenomena in RG is bad reputation, or should
I see the RG as suburban space with
possibilities to overcome its negative image?

I choose to provide a methode
that are focusing on good promotion/branding and new
activities in RG to generate my approaches.

Path - a way of understanding the life:

Connecting activities...

RG is a place where manydifferent cultures and backgrounds
meet. So one can say that many paths meet at
the same place. This can further be connected to the RG,
where existing infrastructure is used in new ways.
The entire area is connected by
many pedestrian paths or places you can walk through.
Some have existing programs, while others are emerging as
voids. The path brings a variety of landscape and can give
artistic experiences relating to different activities. Different
landscapes, existing or artificially created, offer changing
atmospheres as visitors walk along the path.

"The site"
A place where culture and leisure
activities are dominant - a site that - as it will be
surrounded by existing urban structure - will generate
new activities and actions. It is existing quality in RG,
which I am aim to preserve and strengthen in the project.

Definition of activities:
Some of the activities work more
like social networks, where users make their own space by
participating through activities.

Definition of program:

1. The path; searching attractors,
going through RG showing different qualities and adding new
public spaces, crossing residential area, creating new green

2. Indoor activities: focusing on my
social program which I found during my investigation in

3. Outdoor activities: the outdoor activities
are located between RG center and colonial gardens in the south.
The plan is to generate new program with existing activities.

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