23 November 2009

#7 / charging the landscape with new energy

The new energy is first and foremost your own research and discoveries, and positively you can read them together as systems of informational exchange (G. Bateson). What you do in your projects is in fact to charge the landscape. Ask yourselves; "What is my discovery?" How can a new interpretation of the landscape penetrate the linear understanding of development? How can resistance be transformed into an offensive, as a necessary deviational act. As we discussed related to the offensive and creative understanding of vulnerability? How do you prepare the landscape for future potential impacts, how do you open for new types of dynamics? Adaptation to climate change has obvious become a key challenge of this image at large (The COP 15 is very soon taking place in Copenhagen). A quotation from Mathias et al, introducing a contrary logic, can underline this charging of Malmö with new energy: "Through a series of evocative actions the hidden qualitative layers of the site is examined. In this way the monoprogramatic appearance of the site is questioned".
And to end this charger with Borges: "Almost immediately, reality collapsed at several points - the truth is that it wanted to give way ".

PDF charging the landscape with new energy


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roberto OVALLE said...

On the PDF, the schedule reads "sept [sic] 25".