02 October 2009

Västra Hamnen: A City within a City?

The modern Malmö is a city with long history. In the Middle Ages the city was an important trading post and during the last decades evolved from an industrial to a modern commercial metropolis.
The future vision for Västra Hamnen can be summarised as follows: Västra Hamnen is being transformed from a heavy-duty industrial area to a diversified conurbation. There will be space for attractive homes, businesses, schools, service facilities, parks and green oases.
The closure of the Kockums shipyard presented real scope for the transformation and creation of a new district in the city - Västra Hamnen, the City of Tomorrow. Thanks to this structural facelift, the city has now once more renewed its ties with the sea.

With the expansion of the City and the new building area in Västra Hamnen I think its interesting to look on the development as the new sustainable City.

Where is the elastisty and flexibility?

Is Västra Hamnen created as a opposite pole to all the criminality (1), the cultural melting pot (2) or is it a new area built on the old history that wants to integrate all the inhabitants of Malmö as the new sustainable City of tomorrow?

This are questions I want to take further in my investigations of the City within the City.

1. Its reported over 59 000 crimes in the municipality of Malmö in 2007. Thus carried out 20 963 crimes per hundred thousand inhabitants of the same year.

2. 70 590 or 26% of the total population was in 2006 born abroad. In the same year was 99,236 persons or 35.9% foreign background, that were themselves born abroad or had foreign born parents, among children up to 17 years, the proportion of 42.8%. In 2007, 48% of preschool children in Malmö with five years of age had another mother tongue than Swedish.

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