29 October 2009

Reconnecting land and people

Despite the qualities the inhabitans of countryside (the eco village near Oxie) have, regarding amount of space and green areas, they dont use the potential. This waste is in future mathers a dying dinosaur, or it should be.

Mother earth are whispering symptoms of sickness in our ears. Reconnecting land and people as a metaphor challenges authorities and the attitude of man to be aware of consequences by not change the way of living.

The need of sustainable solutions reaches beyond solar panels and foodforests. A sustainable developement of society is a complex point of departure into another rhisomatic system. A piece of this system could be a further look at the term mixed use. My focus will contain the attitude that densifying and expansion of Malmö is a truth for the future. In this mather the open gaps (no.1) are necesseraly threatened by developement. Progressive interventions and mixed use as focus will be my exercise.

1. The situation to day. Mono use and
a surface with very few functions.

2. Mapping the obvious - antielasticity of space.


3. The process will grow from initiatives, probably
from bottom and up (example of AAA in Paris).

4. The focus area are huge. My gap is no longer
a smal issue - but concerning the whole society -
this as an example of interventions.

5. The reinforcement has arrived. The sketch is
showing layers of programs as a immediately

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