29 October 2009

Points of Departure

Rosengård has triggered me with its apparently lacking plateu of bridging contact/understanding/tolerance/interest to the rest of Malmö. Bridging/building this plateu is subject of interest under the City of Biotope umbrella.

5 tags were found under #2 Imbedded information:
1. Parallell society as the topic of interest.
2. Domestic Temporality as the challange.
3. Hidden Competence as the resource.
4. Identity of Education as means to empower and validate planning by the Wikipedia method.
5. Price of Migration is by now starting to emerge as the role of the myth.

I have already introduced the Forestgarden to Rosengård, and I will keep this concept as prior to to the Point of Departure. As the dynamics within an ecosystem such as a Forest Garden work, I want to increase the capacity of social end environmental carachter in Rosengård by strengthening the interaction between the inhabitants. This cooperation includes the relationships between the people, buildings and environment. Competence and qualification is the nutrience that flows in this system.

On a global basis, the energy that we spend today is equvivalent to 22 billion slaves working around the clock. The planet earth needs to regain its flexibility.In the Öresund region Skåne appears to be all about fertile soil, but the truth is that plowing, the use of chemical fertilizers and the drainage of ecological buffers -the ponds, is depleting Malmö,s fileds and causing big damage to the aquatic biotopes.

A Forestgarden has the obvious effects of regaining the balance og local ecosystems, but there are multiple determinations putting weight to the load of a Forest Garden.
:: It creates a variety of good places to be.
:: It is good for wildlife
:: It provides jobs.
:: It requires education.
:: It helps people connect with nature.
:: To grow food goes beyond culture.
:: Green environments give better phsycological health and improves the ability to concentrate.

There are several principles in a forest garden that is transferable to the situation i Rosengård.
:: Resilience is the uttermost advantage of a forest garden. This is created by diversity. The diversity is mutually dependent on the soil quality.
:: A forest garden works because there is so much nutrient sycling going on: A multiplicity of rootsystems are occupying the soil and a multiplicity of aerial systems is occupying the air.

The project further will be on revealing the Hidden Competences in Rosengård and thus strengthen the nutririon sycling. This operation includes to evaluate the relationship between people, buildings and environment.

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