29 October 2009

( one ) pari ( s ) experience

An extrusion of the Paris experience must be the Chapelle neighbourhood in the 18th and 19th district;
-the crazy tall housing-buildings in different shapes and sizes that makes la Chapelle visible on the parisian skyline
-all the different people in the streets and in the parks
-the difference in the building typology

- the old parisian funeral parlour in Rue d´Aubervilliers, that is transformed into an arts centre, the 104
the everyday park between the rail-lines of Gare de l´Est and Rue d´Aubervilliers, Jardins d´Eole that almost lost the 12 year long fight for its right to exist to the plans for extention of a storage hall. Now it is a beautiful addition in peoples life in this aera; people working out, playing, talking, growing vegetables and fruits in the parcel-garden, having coffe and crèpe and talking, and the children experience to see how a sunflower grow, or how a turnip they planted taste when it is finished (school project).

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