28 October 2009

Malmö - Vestre havnen

For 100 years a go there was nothing there. 40 years later Western Harbor was a huge artificial island, whit a lot of cranes, docks and huge mounting Halls. This area was one of Northern Europe's biggest submarine shipyard. Today the area is vacuumed for all the heavy industry.
The great artificial island, is now a part of Malmö's new districts, where they now have an mixture of modern architecture and a urban planning down to the smallest curbstones. But most of alt it is a district with life - and a visitor value.
West Harbor is hidden a little vest of Malmo Central Station. But the many cranes and high-rise buildings 'Turning Torso', where the turning op 190 meters in the air, reveals, that there is something ells there then an fallen old shipping industry. In the last 10 years there have been thousands of people and jobs that have moved to the West Harbor area. Where an cityscape can represent an all overview of a truly unique maritime atmosphere rapt in an original architecture, design and solutions. With both habitable, office buildings, and universities with 20.000 students and all the other things, you are expected, to find in an big city, West Harbor is a completely new city in the city.
West Harbor has always been a front line in the sea. In 1909 became the first industry there, where it later on would be one of the greatest artificial island in Sweden.
Kockums Shipyard was the island dynamic and prudusent and did so until the 1986, a significantly part of materiel to the Swedish sleep. But in the middle of 80is foreign company rivals made it so that the shipyard had to shutdown, same as many Danish shipyard. That same year the Swedish car plant Saab started construction of Europe's most modern car plant. It was a short amusement. Four years after in 1990, it was lateron a hard pressured carmarked and General Motors bought the company. It meant restructuring and the factory became closed part by part op thru the start of 90is.
In 1996, the hole area was purchased by Mlmö Municipality, they had plans to develop a totaly new city district. It was first in 2001, where it seriously got started whit the construction of the erea. It happend, when European living fair took place in the Western Harbor that year.
Today ther livs and works 10,000 people in the area. When the area is completed in 10-15 years, they kalkulat that the numbers of residents whil have tripplet. A new city metro is on its way to complete construction. where it shell connect West Harbor with the center of Malmö and further to Öresunds bridge.

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