28 October 2009

Knitting the web

Time to depart. But... where do I depart from?
Let's go over Rosengård one more time:

1. Rosengård is mostly defined by heavy transportation circuits around it, namely highways and the railroad. However, these arteries don't bring life to Rosengård, and actually, they serve as a safe-conduct to exit Rosengård as quickly as possible.

2. There is a great social potential in Rosengård. There are plenty of countries represented in its inhabitant roster (the most present being Iraq and former Yugoslavian countries), who bring to Sweden an important cultural baggage, which, as of today, remains mostly under-explored.

3. Rosengård is a limbo between Sweden and the rest of the world. It is the place where a number of migrants come to, when they start a new life in Sweden. A vast majority of the newcomers to Rosengård will eventually leave for other neighbourhoods or cities, depriving Rosengård of a sense of permanence.

4. Inside its limits, the people of Rosengård coexist peacefully. However, there have been clashes with "the outside", rendering Rosengård to resemble a "city within a city". Except for the ocassional food-shopper, most people from the rest of Malmö have little to do with Rosengård.

Point of departure
How to tear down this (psychological? architectural?) wall, and make people WANT to arrive in Rosengård?

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