04 October 2009


Wherever you move in a city, you will allways leave something behind, some traces, some staines, something that only you felt or maybe something that you didnt noticed but someone else did, something that got noticed because of youre presence or youre inability too see it yourself. These are the secret traces of the city, the rythm that makes up the pattern and this something creates the society. Complicated structures that seeks towards a shape. This is what the city wants to do. In a city as changing and reinstating as Malmø one needs to be aware of this movement. With thirty percent of the city beeing immigrants and as one of the major ports in Scandinavia, Malmø is a city of distribution, transition and time. Not only in the greater scale but also on the everyday, micro level, it is in its constant reappearance a flexible structure.
I will continue with my investigation on the shrinking/expanding structures and the moveable interconnections between people and places that makes up the concept of the city.

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