28 October 2009

Architecture Exposition of Grand Paris

Catwalks for Architects in the world!!

It’s the 4th times I’ve visit Paris! But I have to say she really gives me quite different impression in each time! This time I spent the most time by walking in Paris City, and I guess French really enjoy in design.

Besides, Paris City is different from other international megacities in European area that people can see so many famous and amazing architectures in just one city, and even just by walking! That makes me to think about maybe it’s proud of to be an architect in Paris.

The Paris impression for me this time liked I was invited by “Architecture Exposition of Grand Paris” and all the Paris streets I walked seem so many catwalks in fashion shows. Under the exact urban planning, architects try their best to show quite elaborate architectural design. And these fantastic buildings become a great promotion for Paris!

The “flight ticket” was the “invitation card”, and the “Orly Airport” is the “entrance of the exposition”. So I just joined the “Architecture Exposition of Grand Paris, 2009.1018~1022”.

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