01 September 2009


"Every schoolboy knows"

This is a phrase from the anthropologist Gregory Bateson who you may meet as a reference in our master studio.
This expression can be interpreted in such a way as every architect, every taxi driver, every kid now knows that global challenges has to be met with full innovative force on every local level, including the smallest biotope. Its an awareness in the air. This involves rethinking, research and new kinds of explorations in the urban field, thus conceived as both built up structures and the landscape. The city is under pressure and has to be redefined continuosly.
Yesterday we read and article by the researcher Maria Hellström, SLU/Alnarp/Malmø, titled The deverging common (Den avvikende allmenning) where she discusses Christiania in Copenhagen as representative of the urban non-ownership as a creative disturbance.
An eye and an ear to deviations, divergence and that you me see as important undercurants should inform our studio and enter the blog.
When the studio is going to explore change as opposed to limitless growth this joint blog for you students, us teachers and invited guests can bee conceived as a library, a library of change. This library of change is then formed by the participants and will act as a common Idea Universe, with a reference too the mosaic reading.
So the moral of this blog is to launch your findings here. The expression visualising change can be fine to have in mind. We look forward to meet you on the blog and in Bergen.

Forever yours
Kjerstin and Knut Eirik

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