08 September 2009


satelite picture of Kalundborg

Symbiosis means co-existence between diverse organisms in which each may benefit
from the other. In this context, the term is applied about the industrial co-operation taking place in for example Kalundborg, between a number of companies and Kalundborg Municipality, all of which exploit each others residual or by-products mutually.
The Symbiosis co-operation has deve
loped spontaneously over a number of decades and today comprises some 20 projects. The exchange of residual products between the companies is laid out in the diagram.
The Symbiosis are still in development with new projects and initiatives between the member companies and the society. New m
ember is going to be signed in in 2009 - meaning new processes and new potential symbiosis projects. The Symbiosis Institute are also supporting other industrial districts in Denmark and internationally in their effort to initiate symbiosis activities.
The overall go
al of the Industrial Symbiosis in Kalundborg is to improve the environmental standard through efficiency, further development and information exchange of utilisation of bi-products in industry. Trough these actions will enterprises minimise the utilisation of energy, water and natural raw materials.

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