20 September 2009

Encircling the Dynamics of your Malmö findings

When Rem Koolhaas was invited to lecture on and debate on sustainability at Harvard earlier this year he wondered why he was invited on this topic, as an architect representative for one of those forces that has brought us into this disturbing global situation – the architects. He went back to his days at AA and told the audience about the hands-on attitude of the teachings at the department of Tropical Studies in the sixties related to this topic, as an example of forerunners in this field that could have been much more appreciated (this is our interpretation)
In Aftenposten yesterday Ingunn Økland addresses the lack of continuos debate on the Norwegian oil exploitation with Stavanger as its epicenter, and she sais: “At last the Litterature Festival Kapittel dare to direct a critical searchlight on the near surroundings, in fact the Oil City Stavanger”. Here she discusses that the critical phase in the oil industry poses a problem with freedom of speech!
Does the Exhibition in Louisiana bring a new, observant, critical and daring agenda to our table. We are now eagerly going through your blogposts on Imbedded Information and sending our comments to all of you – its in the making. We look forward to see you in Malmö.

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