16 September 2009

Emerging students

Together with the cities growth of Malmö, the university has since its start in 1998, rapidly developed to become about 22.000 members.

The living situation is difficult, with a great shortage of student apartments. The university does not have any dormitories, and it is meant for the students to find a place on their own.

There are about 1500 student accommodation residences, and this semester an temporary emergency accommodation was established in a hostel for students, in Segepark.

The costs of living is said by the university to be approximately 7300 SEK per month, with the accommodation costs at 3000 SEK. Rents I have looked at varies from 2700-4500 SEK.

A proposal is estimating the students scholarship to increase from the situation today with 107000 SEK, to in 2011 to be 136400 SEK.

What is the situation of students in Malmö today? Do they live all over the city, or in concentrated areas? Is there a international interaction between them, or national limitation in their living situation? What do they do? Where are the hotspots?

How does Malmö meet new students? How are the students affecting Malmö? How are the borders between the citizens of Malmö and students?

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