18 September 2009

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Dahl og Uhre arkitekter said...

“A new desire to lift the background to the surface, in short, to turn the ground and the surface into the object of the project” is you last phrase and as we understand it a kind of research and possible concept guideline. When we where at BAS we discussed how a landscape is out of the searchlight until a project appears, and we discussed this as shadow landscapes and stated that the landscape lacks a terminology of its own. You have read Peter Sylwans text Return to Eden, where he with consequence and ambition explores such a new terminology on behalf of the agricultural landscape. We also mentioned the experience that Gisle and Knut Eirik had with Herbert Dreizeitl and his project of following only water, as an aspect of a new urban terminology and urban design.
We find it very interesting, if we interpret and stretch your text and diagrams, that it lies a possibility to see the cities as occurances in the landscape and that the landscape through your searchlight is on an offensive path. That means that a kind of 3D math (not our invention), a thickness of ground, surface and space may be explored as biotopes and strategies, and has to work with temporality in a different way than that of built structures. The ground/surface attention can be understood via different means, from simple cartography to ownership to lifeforms etc. It will be interesting if you could try to invent and describe you next step.
We think the word desire is a key in such a discovery.