28 August 2009


mosaïc::reading is about discovering and appreciating, - it is about how the landscape must be explored again and again, and how the plan can prepare for the unknown futures. It is about a method and a structure that open up instead of proposing ready made images and scenarios, it is about creating acting space where the big challenges of the future are possible to solve.

mosaïc::reading serves as a metaphor both for understanding the complexity and significance of a city or a region, as well as an open and inviting planning strategy.

mosaïc::reading - the city as biotope is a master studio at BAS run during the autumn term 2009 by Gisle Løkken, Magdalena Haggärde, Kjerstin Uhre and Knut Eirik Dahl.

Under the themes of new hierarchies, imbedded information, elasticity, dynamic of small cultures, points of departure, vulnerability and charging the landscape with new energy different aspects, ideas and possibilities of planning will be discussed and discovered - at the school in Bergen, on study trips to Malmö and Paris and on this blog. The blog will grow with the students' work, the presentation of new themes and your comments - join the conversation!

PDF - studio intro

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